Tips to improve ordering

Product Not available

  • Use the active ingredient to search for an alternative available
  • Search for alternative in the same size for example 21G needles
  • If there is no product available, one can still place the order which will automatically be placed on back order. Once this product is in stock Lakato will be in contact.

Can’t find the product

  • Search under pack size
    Search under the product code for example the Hills product code.
    Deactivate “My Range”
  • Failing the above, call your Lakato sales person to assist.

Quick Search

  • Use “My Range” option to browse through products ordered over the last 6 months.

Has my order been received by Lakato

  • Search under web history,
  • A sales order number will appear next to your order date confirming that Lakato has received your order.
  • Should no sales order number appear next to your order date, please contact Lakato immediately.