How to open an account

To be able to use our on-line ordering system, a customer must have an existing account with Lakato.

For assistance with your registration as an on-line customer, please contact our Debtors department on (011) 624-1524.

Upon registration, an on-line user name and password will be issued. If desired, or needed, you will have the flexibility to change this password.

Please note that we will use information which is documented on your existing credit application with Lakato to notify you of any details pertaining to your on-line transactions. In this regard, it is your responsibility to ensure that your credit application has your correct and current details.

Upon placing your on-line order, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail to you. This will detail time and date of the order being received by ourselves as well as order content and regrets.

To avoid late delivery, please ensure that your on-line order is placed timeously. Contact your local branch to confirm the cut off times with regards to placing of your order.

For our on-line customers who are in outlying areas our existing minimum order conditions apply.

Settlement discount will apply to your on line purchases